Dr. Randy

Dr. Randall Leraaen, D.C., or “Dr. Randy” as he is known to his patients, developed a love and passion for chiropractic care while in college at the University of Iowa.  He was involved in a car accident during his junior year, and tried several forms of allopathic medical care, but to no avail. After receiving his first chiropractic adjustment, he felt immediate relief in his neck pain and headaches that had persisted for weeks following the motor vehicle accident.  It was at that time that he decided that providing this kind of help to his fellow man was his calling.

Dr. Leraaen has been treating patients involved in accidents for over 20 years, and he never gets tired of seeing the smiles on his patients’ faces when they get better with chiropractic care. 

Dr. Leraaen is now the clinic director at Injury Chiropractic’s North Phoenix office.  He focuses his care not only on the chiropractic adjustment, but also on physical medicine modalities, therapeutic procedures, exercise, and lifestyle intervention to assist his patients in their recovery from their injuries.  He also networks with a variety of area medical physicians to provide his patients with the most comprehensive care possible.

At Injury Chiropractic North Phoenix, Dr. Randy and his staff provide all the necessary treatment for their patients in a warm and welcoming environment.  If you or someone you know, or love, is involved in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call Injury Chiropractic North Phoenix at 602-242-6484 today!