When you are in a car accident, your attention is often turned to fixing the vehicle and dealing with the insurance company.  During the midst of the endless phone calls, you need to take notice of any back pain from the auto accident.

Acute discomfort can become unbearable and develop into chronic pain and your condition may continue to decline. If you have difficulty while trying to breath or tingling and numbing that doesn’t go away, see a doctor immediately.

Symptoms could be relieved by a few small adjustments. Back pain from auto accidents is often caused when your vehicle stops suddenly and your body takes the impact. Many crashes happen from getting rear-ended and even small fender-benders can cause serious muscle aches, shooting pain and trauma to your lower back.

One misconception is that you can’t get injured while wearing a seatbelt. Unfortunately, the quick-locking feature of seatbelts can cause trauma, leading to spinal misalignment that requires specific treatment to recover. Visit Injury Chiropractic to prevent and relieve back pain from the auto accident.