Car Accidents in the Phoenix Area

Large cities such as Los Angeles and New York are synonymous with heavy traffic and car accidents that can lead to injuries. These incidents can cause major stress, trauma, and serious injury to those involved in them.

In the Phoenix area, the roads are especially dangerous. Speed limits can reach as high as 75 mph, and there are fewer restrictions on the highways. Certainly, car accidents occurring in the Phoenix area can lead to significant bodily injury.

An average of 30 accidents are reported per day in Phoenix. Most are moderate but you have a few that result in serious injuries which leave people hospitalized.  Similar to other regions of the country, drivers can sometimes disregard basic traffic laws and safe driving practices. This is a primary reason why accidents occur, and when this is combined with high-speed highways, you have a recipe for a severe auto accident.

Injuries that result from these events can potentially impact your chiropractic health. The pain can linger for months and years. While we can’t control when an accident occurs, we can be diligent in preparing ourselves for when they do happen. This includes practicing general vehicle safety procedures, adhering to traffic laws and signs, and being mindful of driving etiquette.

Check that your seatbelt is working properly and tightly secured. Ensure that your vehicle is operating without any defects or issues. Remember to stay attentive to traffic lights and road signs, and keep aware of what is happening on the road and don’t disregard your blind spots.

It is important that you have a plan for when an accident does occur. Injury Chiropractic North provides consulting services on accident planning, emergency kits, and treatments for injury recovery. We want your driving to be as safe an experience as possible!

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